Units Setup

Big Business 10 adds customizations for Unit of Measure, including:
• Abbreviations for units of measure
• Counts for each item's units of measure
• automatic conversion of Price and Quantity

This Solution describes the Setup for Unit of Measure. (6592)

Unit of Measures are customized to:
• use simple Abbreviations for Unit of Measure, like "cs" for case
• keep Counts for each item, like a "cs" count of 144 for one item and 1440 for another
• automatically convert Prices and Quantities

To set up Unit of Measure:
1. Go to Item Prefs and check the checkbox for Unit of Measure.
2. Use the Unit of Measure Defaults dialog enter defaults.
3. Use "Show List" in any pulldown to add new Abbreviations.
4. For New Line Item enter an Abbreviation for Each (Count=1)
5. For New Item Card enter defaults for standard units of measure.
Pictured are "ea" for Each, "cs" for Case, and "pk" for Pack.
6. Click OK to save Defaults.
7. Click OK to save Item Prefs.


Units Setup
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