PDF Printer Fails on Windows 10

This problem seems to be related to a Windows 10 Update around September 30, 2015. It affects current versions of Big Business 9 and beta versions of Big Business 10. When choosing Save As PDF, Email:, or Send To:--the Print Options that PDF and Email--the PDF Printer is inaccessible. Big Business becomes unresponsive for a minute and the print job may be sent to the Default Printer. (6568)

This problem is fixed by the PDF Printer update included in Big Business 10 available December 2015.

This problem does not affect all Windows 10 systems. It does affect Windows 10 systems that worked fine with PDF Printer 9 and PDF Printer 10, so our best guess is that the problem is related to a Windows Update.

This problem is a high priority and any addtional details are appreciated.