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Chapter 12 Connect

This chapter describes Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools. There are many tools in Big Business to connect to external systems and exchange data. This chapter give you an overview, so you will know where to go for the tools you need, when you need them. (6863)

Middleware Update

Middleware Update checks and updates needed fields in Middleware.

This Solution provides details. (6860)

TaxJar Lookup

TaxJar Lookup is an optional button that appears on the Expanded tab of Quote, Order, or Invoice. Click to connect to TaxJar and it will fill in Tax.

This Solution provides details. (6855)
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BigCommerce Order Status

BigCommerce Connect automatically connects Big Business to the ecommerce system, BigCommerce. It uses the Order Status in BigCommerce to find new orders to process. Then, it changes the Order Status in BigCommerce to avoid duplication. For example, a typical setting might be to get new orders that are "Awaiting Fulfillment" and switch them to "Awaiting Shipment" or "Completed".

Ths Solution lis

Exempt States

Exempt States is a customization to skip sales tax calculations for a customer for specific States.

This Solution provides details. (6856)
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Use TaxJar

Use TaxJar is an optional setting on Tax Status to automatically look up taxes using TaxJar Connect.

This Solution provides details. (6857)

Register TaxJar

This Solution describes Registering the TaxJar Connect Add-On. (6854)
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Shopify Error

Shopify Connect will respond with an Error if there are any problems with a request. If you turn on Auto-Connect you will receive any errors in a Note.

Big Business 11.17 requires that you map IDs (error pictured).

Ths Solution provides details. (6853)
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Connect Settings

Connect Settings let you set up connections to services like ecommerce, credit card processing, or most Any API.

Ths Solution provides details. (6852)


Any API is a toolset to connect to any REST API
• software as a service (SaaS)
• web store

Big Business is already wired to connect to a number of REST API's such as:
• Big Commerce
• Shopify
• Square

These connections are built-in and available with Big Business Enterprise. If you have another service you would like to connect instead, please let us know. Implementing Any API usua

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