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Captuvo SL42

Captuvo SL42 is a sled for iPhone that includes:
• Barcode scanner
• Extra battery
• Protective case

This Solution provides an impression of this hardware option when used with BigBizApp10L for tracking inventory locations.

Bin Group

This Solution describes the Bin Group field found on the Bin Card. (6668)

This feature is part of the Bin Quantity Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business Server that tracks inventory within your Warehouse(s).

Qty Sold for Items

Qty Sold 12-Months has been added for testing.

Nicely Said 2017

This is our database and one of our favorite things is when customers say nice things, or nicely said things, such as...

Barcodes for Sales Order Line Items

Big Business 10.14 tests Barcodes for Sales Order Line Items.

This Solution provides a quick overview. (6663)

BizApp10L for iOS

BizApp10L is for iPod Touch or iPhone for Locating stock in your warehouse.

This Solution provides a quick overview. (6660)

MySQL 5.7 for Windows

MySQL 5.7 updates installers for Windows and some of the syntax for typical changes needed to share data from your Big Buisness Server to shipping workstations running UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and so on.

This Solution provides details. (6655)


Add PDF is a customization to automatically includes a PDF containing Terms and Conditions or other needed information when printing or emailing a Sales Order or Purchase Order. (6331)
PDF Tools

PDF Tools

PDF Tools is an Add-On to support customizations that manipulate PDFs to merge, insert, print and more. It is a suite of state of the art tools that may require special installation or support.

This Solution describes this option. (6644)


Big Business 10.10 tests reading credit card numbers with a Swiper.

Ths Solution will provide test results. (6641)

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