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Bigcommerce: Overview

This Solution describes the Bigcommerce Add-On. (6514)
Bigcommerce Settings

Bigcommerce: Product Categories

Bigcommerce uses Product Categories and requires these be set to create new Products--making them easier for customers to find.

This Solution describes this feature of the Bigcommerce Add-On. (6550)
Bigcommerce Settings

Bigcommerce: Registering

This Solution describes Registering the Bigcommerce Add-On. (6512)

Bigcommerce: Account Details

This Solution describes entries for Bigcommerce Settings. (6510)
Bigcommerce Settings, Import

Hidden Features

There are many, many hidden features in Big Business. Starting Easter Sunday 2018 we are working to list the hidden features including:
• Easter eggs - bonus features that are not documented
• Customizations - customer-specific features
• Options - features that do not appear until enabled

This Solution provides a list of hidden features. (6774)

B2B: Custom Fields

The B2B function in Big Business includes 66 additional Custom Fields for Items for uploading to your web store.

This Solution describes their use. (6269)
Volusion: Testing Sales Order Import

Bigcommerce: Notifications

This Solution describes Notificiations from the Bigcommerce Add-On. (6513)

New Fields on Imports

Big Business 9 adds new fields for Imports, including:
To combine separate First Name and Last Name entries:
• Add Billing Name
• Add Shipping Name
• Add Customer Listing

To combine Item Descriptions:
• Add Item Code
• Add Description 1
• Add Description 2

This Solution describes this option. (6516)

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