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BigCommerce Connect

BigCommerce Connect automatically connects Big Business to the ecommerce system, BigCommerce.

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Bigcommerce: Overview

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Bigcommerce Settings

Bigcommerce: Product Categories

Bigcommerce uses Product Categories and requires these be set to create new Products--making them easier for customers to find.

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Bigcommerce Settings

Bigcommerce: Registering

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Bigcommerce: Account Details

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Bigcommerce Settings, Import

B2B: Custom Fields

The B2B function in Big Business includes 66 additional Custom Fields for Items for uploading to your web store.

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Volusion: Testing Sales Order Import

Bigcommerce: Notifications

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New Fields on Imports

Big Business 9 adds new fields for Imports, including:
To combine separate First Name and Last Name entries:
• Add Billing Name
• Add Shipping Name
• Add Customer Listing

To combine Item Descriptions:
• Add Item Code
• Add Description 1
• Add Description 2

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